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Tech career paths

Explore the high-growth career areas where we can help you gain skills to advance your career.

Cloud computing

Be a leader in a growing field by helping businesses improve speed, innovation and growth through delivery of computing services over the internet (“the cloud”).

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Protect a business’s systems, networks and programs from digital attacks. Cyber security risk continues to increase due to global connectivity.

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Data & analytics

Turn data into useful information to shape strategy and make key decisions. Making good use of data to optimize performance can mean the difference between a business surviving or not.

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Software development

Design, create and maintain software to deliver new products or help businesses meet their goals.

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TechReady Illinois is a collaborative, statewide effort that brings together Illinois’ top tier academic institutions, leading employers and local tech-focused nonprofits.

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TechReady Illinois was founded by two local tech-focused organizations – the Discovery Partners Institute and P33.

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